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Antibiotic Without Prescription

Amoxicillin is an antibiotic from the penicillin group, which is used for the treatment of various types of infections that are caused by bacteria. The drug’s action is aimed at preventing the increase in bacteria and fighting them, which leads to the infection destruction.

It can be used apart and in combination with other medicines, depending on the disease and the symptoms that the patient is experiencing.

Before starting the treatment with Amoxicillin, you should visit a doctor and tell him about your symptoms. You should also warn the doctor about all the drugs that you are taking, since Amoxicillin may badly interact with certain medications.

Over the Counter

The doctor can prescribe Amoxicillin to the patients, suffering from heart disease, as well as pregnant women, in order to prevent the occurrence of chlamydia.

This drug can be prescribed in combination with other medicines to the patients, suffering from high stomach acidity, as well as a stomach ulcer caused by a bacterial infection.

In case of urgent need, the doctor may prescribe the antibiotic not for its intended purpose.

Getting the Drug

Amoxicillin is a prescription drug that is sold in pharmacies only if you have a prescription from your doctor. Your local pharmacy will not be able to sell you this antibiotic without the doctor’s prescription.

Over-the-Counter Medication

There are cases, when a person needs Amoxicillin and does not have a prescription. This can happen, for example, if the he or she doesn’t have any health insurance.

In this case, it is possible to order the drug online in an electronic pharmacy. Many online pharmacies don’t require a drug recipe. They usually send drugs by post. Online drugs can be cheaper.

It should be taken into consideration, that, when <a href="/">buying</a> a medicine online, the patient takes certain risks, as no one can guarantee that the drug he will receive will be genuine. However, if you monitor the ratings of electronic pharmacies and choose the pharmacy that has a good reputation, then it most likely sells high-quality and genuine medicines that are not different from the drugs, sold in ordinary pharmacies.


As for the price of Amoxicillin, then it can be different in various drugstores. If you prefer to order drugs in online pharmacies, then the cost is usually lower. For example, one of the online pharmacies sells Amoxicillin at a dosage of <a href="/500-mg-capsules">500 mg</a> for $ 126 per pack (180 capsules). However, in order to get a complete awareness on the prices, you should look through several resources.

Side Effects

If after taking Amoxicillin you get severe side effects that worry you greatly, you should immediately consult the doctor.

Usually the side effects that may occur due to taking of this drug are relatively mild. Common side effects include diarrhea and indigestion. They occur because the active substance of the medication influences on the intestinal flora.

If after taking Amoxicillin you received a strong allergic reaction in the form of a rash, redness, or swelling, seek immediate medical help, because if the patient is allergic to penicillin and takes Amoxicillin, then the reaction from the drug can be fatal.

Before taking the medication, attentively read the instructions for use and look through a complete list of possible side effects and contraindications. Follow all the doctor's recommendations regarding the use of the drug and the correct dosage. Do not take the medicine without consulting your doctor, as this may cause health problems.